New Jersey Woman Accused of covering up Skill Game operation
Terrian L. Paxson of Newark has been charged with covering up her business’ illegal skill game activities after a raid took place this past January. Paxson has been indicted on one count each of tampering with evidence and prohibited conduct while operating a skill based amusement machine.

Paxson is the co-owner of Chances Are which is one of four businesses that were raided on January 8th. Machines and money associated with the skill games were confiscated during the raid. Investigators went undercover and found that they were paid cash to play the games at Chances Are which is a violation of regulations that were established in 2007.

Paxson made the decision to zero out totals on the central computers that tabulates skill games winning on the day of the raid. Trying to cover up what was going on cost Paxson to be arrested. If she is convicted she would have to hand over just over $6,000 and the thirty one skill games that were taken from Chances Are. The only reason she was indicted was because she tampered with evidence.

- 2010-02-15

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