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New Plymouth woman wins national women’s snooker title

In New Zealand the national women’s snooker event took place late last week with players from the area taking part. The women’s title went to Agnes Kimura, a player from New Plymouth. After taking down the title on Thursday, Kimura hung around and took part in another snooker tournament over the weekend. (11/07)

Snooker players criticize tournament addition by World Snooker

Professional snooker players are not happy with a recent tournament addition by World Snooker. For the next World Snooker season, the association has added a one-frame Shoot Out tournament. Players are not happy with this decision and have stated as such. (11/05)

Snooker player earns formal warning after not appearing for media obligations

Snooker players who have a career in the sport must abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association. These rules mainly consist of information needed for game play. However, there are also certain rules for events and tournaments that take place throughout the year. Snooker players are expected to follow the rules or punishments will be set forth. (21/04)

Snooker’s World Championship Draw Results announced

Every year, snooker fans and players look forward to the Snooker World Championship event. Only the best of the best will make it to the championships, trying their best to earn the coveted title. This year, the World Championship will take place from the 16th of April to the 2nd of May. Fans will get to see the greats compete in the event, including Mark Selby and Ronnie O’Sullivan. (13/04)

20th Anniversary for Rack’Em Billiards

In the Cape Coral area of South Cape, Rack’Em Billiards is getting ready to celebrate a major milestone. The venue has been offering pool services for 20 years and continues to be a popular spot in the entertainment district of the city. Rack’Em Billiards is considered a staple to the night scene as patrons enjoy drinks and playing pool in the nighttime hours. (17/03)

Snooker prize cue taken from competition winner

Snooker professionals take part in special tournaments and events on a regular basis. Players and fans enjoy watching their favorite players compete and in many cases, items will be donated as prizes. Many players covet such prizes so that they have a piece of their favorite player to take home. Ronnie O’Sullivan took part in an exhibition match with Stuart Craig and Craig ended up taking home the cue used. The prize was worth more than money to him and after leaving the venue, the cue was actually stolen. (23/08)

Schoolboy Ready to Take On Snooker Challenge

Jake Brady is a twelve year old who enjoys playing the game of snooker. The schoolboy is skilled at the game and would like to break a record in the game. He plans on staging a 12 hour match in order to raise money for charity. He first began raising money for charity at the age of ten by uniting fans of football teams and hosting a walk from each stadium. He now plans on using snooker to raise funds. (30/07)

Greater Southern Home Recreation Partners with Brunswick Billiards

Brunswick Billiards is a top provider of billiards products and is a sponsor of many billiard events. The brand recently partnered with Greater Southern Home Recreation to offer their products to customers located in Chattanooga Tennessee and areas of North Georgia. Greater Southern will now offer the Brunswick Billiards products with white glove delivery service for the full line of table products. (12/03)

WPBSA Championing for Snooker in 2020 Olympics

The 2020 Olympics will take place in Tokyo and will feature a variety of sports that players take part in every time the Olympics take place. For the upcoming Olympics, the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association has decided to try and have the game of snooker accepted as an Olympic sport. If accepted, the game would become another event in the world Olympics. (29/01)

Booze and Billiards a Good Mix According to Recent Study

Studies are conducted on a regular basis on the oddest of subjects and one of the most recent includes the game of billiards. A recent study has reported that combing beer and billiards can help men stay active and live longer. The University of Copenhagen’s Center for Healthy Aging studied the game and the elderly and found that men who are over the age of 70, should play the game of billiards and enjoy a few beers to live longer and enjoy themselves. (16/10)

Professional Snooker Match Under Investigation

John Sutton is now under investigation by the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association after irregular betting patterns were found in a recent betting match. The snooker pro from Ireland will now have to undergo serious scrutiny while the governing body of snooker tries to determine if any wrong-doing took place. (01/10)

WPA World junior Championships to be sponsored again by Poison Billiards

The sport of billiards is one that is very popular across the US as well as abroad. The game can be played for fun with friends or enjoy the game on a professional circuit. The WPA World Junior Championships is a popular event where young children begin to learn the game. It was recently announced that Poison Billiards will be providing the junior players with proper support during the upcoming November event. (01/10)

Snooker Pro Challenges Chelsea Star

Sports fans always find another sport of interest and have their favorite teams and players. From football to baseball and more, you will find top players always have their favorites. Many times, we get to see the pros take on sports stars in other genres for friendly matchups in each other’s sport. Neil Robertson is a top snooker pro who is looking to take on yet another top footballer. (25/09)

Young Snooker Pro to Compete Against Legend

Every so often, a young individual is able to become a top competitor in any given sport. From baseball to billiards and snooker, the sports can see young people coming up and competing at a very high level. With the game of snooker, players are learning the game after learning how to walk, which means players are entering in to competition at an even younger age. Just recently, we learned that a new snooker Phenom is set to play against top snooker pro Jimmy White. (11/09)

Ali Carter Ready to Play Snooker Once Again

It was not too long ago that snooker pro Ali Carter was diagnosed with lung cancer. The pro has suffered from several conditions including beating testicular cancer just one year ago and fighting Crohn’s disease. The diagnosis of lung cancer was another hit to the pro but he has been undergoing intensive chemotherapy treatments to try and defeat cancer once again. The pro is not fully cleared of cancer yet but will be competing in an event this October. (09/09)

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